Our nation’s most valuable resources are finding themselves without resources.

Many people who sought the security of employment with the state and federal government are finding themselves making vital retirement-related decisions without adequate support. Budget limitations, ERS/OPM cutbacks and HR downsize efforts have left many Government Employees in a position to fend for themselves when making decisions about their retirement.

In an attempt to get the information they need, they often attend 1-3 day “information overload” seminars that result in very little retained information. As a result, a large number of Government Employees reach retirement making poor, incomplete or ill-informed decisions. These decisions will affect them and their families for the rest of their lives.

GEBI was created to provide the resources to Government Employees so they can make the correct decisions for themselves and their families regarding their benefits and prepping for retirement.

Philosophy of Empowerment

GEBI focuses on helping Government Employees focus. It was founded to address the needs of Government employees who are typically overwhelmed by the complexities of the various benefit systems.

Government Employees don’t have to learn ‘the whole system’. Our aim is to empower Government Employees to ask the right questions so that they may become ‘experts’ in their respective benefits system – as it pertains specifically to them and their families. Everyone’s situation is unique.

When your research leaves you with more questions than answers, there is no question that we can help. The first step is run through the GEBI Process and have us go over a summary of your benefits with you to identify any potential problem areas. Simply contact us to get started.

Are you heading towards a brick wall?

Will you have enough in retirement? Do you know what 'enough' is?

Many government employees have never quantified exactly what 'enough' is. It is critical to understand what you need in retirement so you plan accordingly

Frequently people receive an estimate of their retirement benefits that paints a rosy picture. However the income and expenses shown do not remain constant - in fact they change at different rates. This begs the question: Are you sure that you will have enough in 5 or even 10 years?

More often than not, we find that Government employees do not quantify what they need in retirement and are setting themselves up for an unpleasant surprise down the road.

The GEBI process helps you to avoid falling into this same trap of not knowing whether you will be able to maintain your current lifestyle throughout your retirement years.

If you make your retirement elections without knowing how your income and expense numbers will be changing, you could be heading straight into a brick wall. The sooner you can make a course correction, the less dramatic the changes will need to be.


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